Student Protection

​​​​Student Protection

Stella Maris is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all students.  Stella Maris staff respect and value the dignity, self-esteem and integrity of every child and young person, based on the Christian belief that every person is made in the image and likeness of God.  Children are entrusted to us and we are called to reflect the lived example of God’s love and care.

As a Catholic school founded in the Tradition of the Presentation Sisters, we hold at our core the values of compassion, commitment, creativity, confidence and courage demonstrated through love of the poor, love of children and love of learning.

Stella Maris aims to be an inclusive, high quality learning community where faith inspires action. As such the safety and wellbeing of our students are paramount.

Student Protection Contacts

​Mr Peter Pashen - Principal -

M​​rs Emily Tresrea - Guidance Counsellor -​


Student Protection Processes

To view the full BCE Student Protection Process - Click Here.

Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy

Stella Maris School Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy.docx.pdf


Volunteers are always welcome at Stella Maris and parent involvement in classroom activities is often encouraged.

All parents volunteering at Stella Maris School, be it in classrooms or Tuckshop, are required to complete the Stella Maris Code of Conduct and Student Protection on line courses.  The Volunteer Registration Form must be completed and printed, then lodged at the school office before entry to the classroom for volunteer purposes. ​

Click here for the link to - Code of Conduct and Student Protection Online Courses

Volunteers, such as grandparents and/or extended family members who wish to volunteer for class activities do require a blue card. The blue card is a system for monitoring a person's suitability for working with children. Volunteers at schools must hold a blue card before starting, unless they are parents of a child at the school.