Fee Refund Policy

STELLA_LOGO_HI_RES.png  Stella Maris Catholic Primary School, Maroochydore



When a student leaves the school, written notification is required, and a Leaving Form completed which is available online from this website, the Parent Portal or from the School Office.

Students’ library books, reading books and resources are to be returned to the school.

At the discretion of the Principal, a refund of levies may be applied, dependant on the number of terms a child attended in that school year. A statement will be forwarded to the account holder outlining any fees outstanding.

If a refund is due, a direct credit to the account holder’s bank account will be arranged. If the refund is due to the account being in credit from overpayment via direct debit arrangements, the funds will be refunded to the bank account the direct debit was taken from.


August 2018