How do I enrol my child?

Applications for enrolment are accepted at any time during the year preceding expected entry into school.  The timeline is as follows:

May: Enrolment interviews are held 

June: Round 1 offers are made to successful applicants with confirmation due by the end of June 

End of July: Offers made to Round 2 applicants with confirmation by mid-August 

It will not be necessary for existing Stella Maris families to participate in an enrolment interview unless:

  • Parents/guardian request an interview
  • The incoming student has a special need which may require an enrolment support process  (please read below)
  • There is medical or other important information which needs to be communicated in order to better support the child’s entry into school.

Preparatory Year

To be eligible for enrolment in Prep a child must turn five by 30 June in the year they start Prep.  At the discretion of the Principal, early entry may be confirmed for students turning five by the end of July in the year they start Prep. 

Enrolment of Children with Special Needs 

Stella Maris is an inclusive school community whose primary concern is meeting the diverse needs of all our students.  To this end, parents are obliged to inform the school of any disabilities or special needs which may affect their child’s academic progress or social interactions.  The Enrolment Support Process is then enacted to gather all information and to determine the capacity of the school tomeet those needs.