​​​ The Stella Maris uniform is compulsory.  It is expected that all parents will support the school’​​​s requirement that full and correct uniform be worn at all times.​ Parents should provide a note of explanation should it be necessary for a student to be out of uniform.  Parents will be contacted if students are consist​​ently out of correct uniform.

Stella Maris’ School uniforms can be ordered and paid for online at the following site:

Stella Maris Uniform Online Ordering Site
 Select "Shop Prep Uniform" or "Shop Yrs 1-6 Uniform" Option


FORMAL UNIFORM (Girls) - Navy Check Dress                          (Boys) - Navy Shorts & Chambray Shirt

SPORT UNIFORM (Girls & Boys) - Navy Shorts & Polo Shirt 

SHOES – Only one pair of school shoes is necessary – a plain black leather lace-up jogger (for both boys and girls) which can also double as the formal school shoe.  (Velcro fasteners are recommended for Prep students).       White or coloured joggers are not part of the Stella Maris uniform.

Variations of suede shoes, ankle/high cut boots, volley/canvas shoes, branded joggers with different coloured logo (e.g. Nike, Adidas) and sandals are NOT permitted.
SOCKS – Boys and girls wear Stella Maris navy socks (preferred and strongly encouraged) or plain navy (above ankle) socks every day.

HATS – The Stella Maris Hat is a compulsory part of the uniform and the “No Hat, No Play" policy ensures that students wear a hat when at play and when outdoors.

 BACKPACK – The Stella Maris backpack is strongly encouraged and will last students through their seven years at Stella Maris. ​

TIGHTS – Navy tights may be worn in Winter with the formal uniform only. Tights should not be worn with shorts.

HAIR – Hair longer than shoulder length must be tied back with hair elastics, navy or red ribbon, or the Stella Maris scrunchie or Stella Maris headband. 

JEWELLERY – Watches and ear sleepers / studs are the only items permitted to be worn. Bangles, bracelets, necklaces and more than one ear ring/stud in each ear are not permitted.

ALL items of clothing are to be clearly marked with fabric paint or iron-on labels for easy identification.  This will reduce losses and further expense.   ​


Uniform Shop Convenor: ​ ​​

Leanne Dowe 5409 8920      (Direct Shop Line)
​ ​Uniform Shop Open: 
Monday 8.00am  - 11.00am
Wednesday 12.30pm -  3.30pm
Thursday 8.00am -  11.00am