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Regular Weekly Uniform Shop Hours for 2021 are:

Monday & Thursday          8:00am – 11:00am       

Wednesday                       12:30pm – 3:30pm

Email:                             sm.uniforms@seaborne.com.au

                                                                          Online Ordering:           stellamaris.uniform.net.au

                                                                          Book Appointments:    booksteam.com/seaborne

Online orders are packed on Monday and Wednesday mornings for classroom delivery only. Please remember to provide the student's name and class number at the time of ordering (you can nominate an older sibling if you prefer). If you need to exchange items for another size during this time please email the uniform shop sm.uniforms@seaborne.com.au with the details or call/leave a message on 5409-8920

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We'd like to encourage families to attend the uniform shop as early as possible to get their uniforms fitted and purchased for next year - Any items purchased now that don't fit by the start of school are covered by our 90 day size exchange guarantee. Please ensure you do not write on or wash the uniforms to claim this guarantee.



The Stella Maris backpack is strongly encouraged and will last students throughout their seven years at Stella Maris.

The Stella Maris Hat is a compulsory part of the uniform and the “No Hat, No Play" policy ensures that students wear a hat when at play and when outdoors. The old style stiff brimmed hat is no longer available to purchase as this has been replaced with the Sport Colour Reversible Bucket hat.

The stiff brimmed hat can still be warn, but will be phased out by January 2023.

Navy tights may be worn in Winter, underneath the skort or shorts.


Students are to present themselves well groomed at all times. This shows pride in their own appearance and in their school uniform. Therefore:

  • Extreme hair styles are NOT permitted. These include Mohawks, rat tails, shaved or number one cuts and colouring of hair.
  • Hair is to brushed or combed neatly when attending school.
  • Hair accessories must be school colours. Acceptable hair accessories are as follows: navy or red ribbon, or the Stella Maris scrunchie or Stella Maris headband, plain clips or hair bands that are school colours or blend with the hair.
  • For safety reasons and to minimise the spread of head lice:
  • Hair longer than collar length for girls and boys must be tied back at all times.
  • Hair that falls across the face and eyes must be tied or clipped back at all times.


The Athletes Foot Brochure​

Only one pair of school shoes is necessary – a plain black leather lace-up jogger (for both boys and girls) which can also double as the formal school shoe. (Velcro fasteners are recommended for Prep students).

White or coloured joggers are not part of the Stella Maris uniform.

Variations of suede shoes, ankle/high cut boots, volley/canvas shoes, branded joggers with different coloured logo (e.g. Nike, Adidas) and sandals are NOT permitted.

Boys and girls wear Stella Maris navy socks (preferred and strongly encouraged) or plain navy (above ankle) socks every day.

Watches and ear sleepers / studs are the only items permitted to be worn. Bangles, bracelets, necklaces and more than one ear ring/stud in each ear are NOT permitted.

Make-up, including nail polish is NOT permitted.

Brisbane Catholic Education's position on students entering a pool and pool spas for swimming lessons or activities is the ALL students are to wear  a swimming cap at all times whilst they are in the water.

This is designed by the Year 6 students and funded by our P & F. It normally arrives in Term 2 and is worn each Thursday by the year 6 students.

​ALL items of clothing are to be clearly marked with fabric paint or iron-on labels for easy identification. This will reduce losses and further expense.