Performing Arts

The Performing Arts are an integral part of school life at Stella Maris and students are encouraged to join one of the many performance groups available. In music, we offer Year 2 Piccolo choir, SM Singers (Years 3-6), Stella Fellas (male choir Years 3-6).  In addition, every second year, a school musical production provides a highlight to the year. Students at Stella Maris also participate in a number of school ensembles and in a comprehensive and growing Instrumental Music Program.  Dance extension and eisteddfod groups provide opportunities for students to demonstrate their skill in dance.


CO-CURRICULUM (Liturgical Music and Vocal / Instrumental Ensembles)
Liturgical Music -
Children and staff perform in school liturgies, masses and important events.
Vocal Ensembles -
Piccolo Choir, Stella Fellas, Stella Maris Singers and Speech Choir.
Instrumental Ensembles -
Concert Bands, String Ensembles, Guitar Ensembles, Percussion Ensemble and various Chamber Groups
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EXTRA-CURRICULUM (Instrumental Music Program, including singing, speech and drama)

Students at Stella Maris can participate in a comprehensive growing Instrumental Music Program. The program is coordinated by school staff and a team of highly qualified Specialist Tutors. The program caters for all needs (including preparation for examinations) and lessons are scheduled during the school day on a rotating timetable so as not to disrupt daily class learning. Tuition is not available for students in Prep and enrolments for Year 1 students to learn piano will only be considered from Semester Two. Depending on age, physical ability, development, musical aptitude and experience, tuition is available for the following disciplines:

Available from Year 3              
Brass Instruments - Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Euphonium,       
Woodwind Instruments - Flute, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Saxophone
Percussion Instruments (including Drum Kit, Xylophone and Glockenspiel)
Guitars - Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar (only from Grade 6)
Theory of Music
Available from Year 2
Strings Instruments - Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass
Voice – Singing, Speech and Drama
Piano - including keyboard


Students at Stella Maris Catholic Primary School are exposed to multiple opportunities to dance. In addition to curriculum dance work in class, students have the opportunity to extend their dance knowledge and skills during lunch times and after school. These additional programs develop basic skills and progresses through intermediate to advanced knowledge and skills.

The Dance Extension Program is an afterschool commitment that students from Years 1-6 can attend.  Students are given the opportunity to explore the arts through carefully tailored projects that promote student engagement. These lessons additionally develop problem solving, thinking strategies, and teamwork. Students focus on dance elements and skills to create various dances in multiple genres including hip-hop, jazz and contemporary, and perform these at school, local and state competitions. One of the primary aims of this program is to expose students to reflective and problem solving strategies and to generate confident and passionate life long learners. 

Other dance opportunities include a Stella Hoppers, a hip-hop class open to Year 1-6 to learn routines and dances for enjoyment. Bi annually, dancers are selected for our school musical. Dancers will rehearse for this at lunch times and before school.

Stella Hoppers - Hip Hop

All students are encouraged to develop skills and choreography of hip-hop dance.

Rehearsals at lunchtime. 

Dance Extension

Selected students from Grades 1-6. Auditions held in term 4. Rehearsals afterschool.