School Goals & Annual Improvement Planning

‘The concept of renewal is rich with meaning and depth.  It is more inclusive than review, planning or development.  It has its origins in our Catholic Christian beliefs and values.  Renewal incorporates processes whereby a school connects with its beliefs and values, reflects upon the past, plans for a hope-filled and enhanced future and takes action to realise that future.’    

From Strategic Renewal Framework for Catholic Schooling

Archdiocese of Brisbane.2012​​​-2016


School Renewal Planning gives direction and cohesion to community efforts to move towards achievement of the vision and mission of Stella Maris School.  Strategic Renewal planning at a school level also takes into consideration the broader systemic goals and strategic intentions.

Each year an Action Plan is developed as a result of community consultation.  This plan is then communicated to the school community. This important process and documentation outlines the goals, strategies and actions planned within the school community for the year ahead.

These plans are developed around four priority areas:

  • Mission and Religious Education
  • Learning and Teaching Professional Practice
  • Collaborative Relationships
  • Strategic Resourcing

At the end of the school year, an achievements document is published and distributed to all members of the school community​.