Enrolment Policy and Procedures

​​​​​​​Stella Maris School Enrolment Policy & Procedures


Stella Maris Primary School opened in 1980 with the support of the Presentation Sisters.  The school was founded to cater for the spiritual and academic development of families in the Stella Maris Parish and the wider parish communities.  The school continues the educational mission of the wider Church which aims to nurture the integration of faith and life through the principles, teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church.


A clear enrolment policy enables Stella Maris School to act justly in the important task of enrolment, especially where continued growth of the Sunshine Coast region puts pressure on demand for places.
Due to the physical layout of the site and limited access, Stella Maris Primary School enrolment is capped at a maximum of 800 students.

This enrolment policy is created with reference to the Archdiocese of Brisbane Catholic Education Council Policy Statement – 'Enrolment of Students in Catholic Schools'.


We aim to 'act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with our God.'   (Micah 6)  


While nurturing children in the Catholic Faith and maintaining a Catholic ethos, Stella Maris School remains open and welcoming to all who support its Vision, Mission and values.  The following considerations are also taken into account:  availability of places, class composition, physical accommodation and ability of the school to meet student needs.


Enrolment of Prep/Primary School Students

(A)     To qualify for enrolment in Prep, a student must turn 5 years before 1 July the year prior to enrolment.
          Application for Early Entry may be made where the student’s birthday falls in July and the parent
          believes the student is ready to begin school.  Enrolment is then at the discretion of the Principal.  Prep​
          is a compulsory year of schooling.​

(B)     Applications for enrolment will be considered in the following order:

         1.  Children who have siblings enrolled in the school.
         2.  Baptised Catholic children whose family regularly attends a church in the Maroochydore Parish.
         3.  Baptised Catholic children living within the geographical boundaries of the Maroochydore Parish and
              whose family is committed to and guided by Gospel values and traditions of the Catholic Church.
         4.  Baptised Catholic children living beyond the parish boundaries who have a suitable reason for
              enrolling in the school.

Please Note: Where applicant numbers exceed available places the following criteria will be applied in determining enrolments
         •  Suitable reference from the Parish  Priest
         •  Suitable reference from the Priest of another Parish

         5.  Children (not baptised) of Catholic families, living within the geographical boundaries of the
              Maroochydore Parish.
         6.  Baptised children of other Christian denominations whose families value the religious aspect of
              education and are practising in their Parish. A reference from the family’s minister or pastor is
         7.  Christian children of other denominations whose families value the religious aspect of education, but
              are not actively involved in their Parish.
         8.  Children of Non-Christian traditions whose family supports the values of the Gospel.
         9.  Children whose family members acknowledge no religious affiliation but who support the school’s
              Vision, Mission and values.

Consideration of Applicants

Where a situation requires special consideration, a team consisting of the Principal, Assistant Principals (and Support staff as required) works collaboratively to discern and allocate placement.
Prior to offers of enrolment places, the Principal will give consideration to:
         •  Class size/places available
         •  Class composition
         •  Physical accommodation available
         •  The ability of the school to meet the child’s needs
         •  The need to maintain the Catholic/community character/ethos of the school
         •  The discretion of the Principal / Parish Priest

Enrolment of Children with Special Needs

Before a child with special needs can be enrolled, the ‘Enrolment Support Process’, under the guidelines of the Brisbane Catholic Education Office, must be carried out. The purpose of this  process is to:
         •  investigate the needs of the child and
         •  determine the suitability of school resources to meet the child’s needs.
It is important to realise that if the needs of the child and the resources of the school are not compatible, neither the individual child nor the school would benefit from such an enrolment.


Enrolment applications for all year levels can be submitted at any time. When allocating Prep places, no advantage is given to early submission of applications. Whenever an application is received, the placement remains dependent upon meeting the requirements of this policy.
Term  One of the Year prior to Placement
Applications are accepted online from the beginning of the year prior to enrolment.  An interview with the Principal or Administration Team member is organised. The following documentation must accompany the enrolment application:
         •   birth certificate
         •   baptismal certificate
         •   immunization record
         •   other documentation pertinent to the child’s educational and physical needs eg. specialist
         •   an enrolment application fee of $50 per student (generally non-refundable after interview). 

Term Two\Three of the Year prior to Placement

Letters are sent to parents, notifying them of either an enrolment position, or placement on the waiting list. Parents sign a ‘Confirmation of Enrolment’ form which is returned with $100 Confirmation of Enrolment Fee ($50 of which is deducted from Term One fees).
If the enrolling family is in financial hardship, Application for Fee Concession form should be completed and submitted with required documentation within two weeks of Confirmation of Enrolment.

Term Four of the Year prior to Placement

A student orientation session is held for all Prep students.  Students and parents are invited to attend.  Students join their year level teachers while parents gather for an information session and welcome morning tea. 
For families new to Stella Maris, a ‘buddy’ family is assigned from the existing parent body.   They will meet at this Orientation session.

Role of Parents

It is expected that parents
         •   meet their financial commitments or maintain close contact with the Principal regarding their financial
             situation should this not be possible;
         •   nurture the faith development of their children;
         •   support the school expectations of behaviour, punctuality and dress;
         •   support their children’s full participation in the school program;
         •   support school staff and each other.  There is no place for gossip or behaviour that diminishes
         •   assist where possible through support of school activities.

Updated:  April, 2018