Stella Maris Community Engagement Group

CEG Logo.jpgThe Stella Maris Parents and Friends Committee (SMPFC) is the collective voice of pare​​nts and other carers in our school community, working with one common interest: the benefit, welfare and education of our children at Stella Maris. The P&F assists the school community throughout the year with social events and fundraising. The monies raised from these activities is used to provide financial support to the school. More importantly we aim to build a sense of community fostering a Christian based welcoming environment. This is achieved in the following ways...​

Support the community at Stella Maris

  • Class Parent Coordinator to assist staff and parents 
  • Being informed about and having a say in local community issues - eg letters, petitions, guest speakers at meetings
  • Prize donations for students – sport, academic, cultural, spiritual
  • Contribution to Community Support Programs of the School
  •  Fund projects on a small scale for Year 6 Leadership Activities.
  • Fund projects as indicated by the Principal

 Provide Leadership of the P&F Membership & School Community

  • Maintain relevant and current SMPFC Rules of Working
  • Voice relevant parent concerns
  • Establish and publish priorities
  • Strategic (5 year) Plan in line with School Strategic Plan
  • Published Calendar of P&F Events
  • Creating Sub-committees to delegate responsibilities for events and projects as they raise.


How are decisions made?

The P&F is a democratic organisation. Most decisions are made by the vote of membership at monthly meetings. An agenda is published prior to each meeting so that members are aware of the issues to be discussed and decided. The elected Executive Committee Members decide some minor expenditure and urgent issues, where it's not practical to take these issues to a meeting. The Principal ultimately has the final say.


P and F Meetings

Regular meetings of the general membership are held on the second Tuesday of each month during school terms. This means there are usually 8 meetings per year. An agenda for the meeting, including where and when, is communicated​​​ in the Stella Maris weekly newsletter. Any items may be submitted by email to the secretary by the Thursday preceding the meeting.  Most meetings begin at 6.30 pm. Meetings are usually very informal. The Annual General Meeting is held on the 2nd Tuesday in November. The annual budget is usually discussed and agreed at the second meeting of the year.


Other ways to get involved

Even though it's more difficult for parents to attend evening meetings, if you have something to say about an issue on the meeting agenda, you can write a brief letter or send an email, which will be tabled at the meeting and recorded in the minutes. Letters should be addressed to the Secretary P&F, via the school office.

Other ways to get involved are -

  • Participating in social activities;
  • Helping out at a P&F function;
  • Volunteering in the classroom, at tuck shop, or on sports days;
  • Talking to other parents to share ideas and opinions.

Class Parent Coordinator Role 

An important way you can get involved without necessarily coming to meetings is by acting as a class parent coordinator for your child's class. This person is a link between the school and that class, keeping people informed and helping people get to know each other. If you think you can help, talk to the class teacher. A role description is available.