School Camps

​​Our year 5 and 6 students attend camps at various facilities.  Year 5 students attend a 3-day camp in Term 3, while Year 6 students attend a 3-day camp in Term 1. In addition to this, the children in Year 6 attend a Leadership Experience during the first term each year.


Why are school camps important?

Australian educators believe that their number one challenge is supporting students with mental health conditions and more than 80% of them believe that the tension between supporting student wellbeing and teaching the curriculum is increasing. Independent research shows that camps and outdoor education programs play a key role in addressing these concerns. 

Camps have been shown to reduce anxiety, increase connection to school, increase connection to peers and increase efficacy, all strong markers of good mental health. Camps and outdoor education programs involve physical activity, teamwork and connection with the natural world - a combination that is highly effective in improving physical and mental well-being.

Camps and led outdoor experiences focus on building interpersonal and intrapersonal skills such as independence, resilience, leadership, communication and respect for others.*

 *Excerpt from Australian Camps Association​